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Hello,My name is Tim Lien.About a year or two ago my wife Cassandra & I decided to patent & sell a plant support called the TOMATO CRADLE.The tomato cradle was an idea my dad & uncle came up with back in the 70's & used in their gardens.After my dad gave up gardening a few years ago I decided to give it a try & used a few of his cradles he had left over.I finally had to make a few for myself because his finally wore out after years of use!After using them in my own garden,my wife & a few neighbors convinced me into selling them.Last winter I invested in a design patent & am currently patent pending. The design patent means I patented the design my dad & uncle came up with.Last spring I began sales with a limited budget,selling a few through ads I ran in the local papers but sales really picked up when a local reporter decided to run an article in the newspaper.I have sold over 500 in my region last year but would like to expand to a larger market in time.I took my cradles to an invention showcase last fall & won an award for Innovation in Agriculture so I feel my cradles will be a success.My cradles come in two sizes: 2 foot tall & 4 foot tall & work on everything from green peppers to cucumbers!





We are now in our 7th year of sales & everything is looking good! We were very worried how the 4 foot cradles would stand up in strong winds but they held up very well! We also used our cradles on peas,squash,zucchini,eggplant,melons & even pumpkins! We are selling alot within our region but are looking to grow into a national market soon.We also are selling a 3 foot cradle which will likely be cheaper to ship.