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Tomato Cradles, Vegetable Supports, and Vine Plant Supports, are a new alternative to stakes and cages! The tomato cradle helps keep your vines and tomatoes off the ground. The Tomato Cradle is much stronger and won't tip over due to the added weight of the vines or strong winds that will destroy traditional cages or stakes! The cradles are easy to use and fold up for easy storage. A garden supply for every type of gardener! The Tomato Cradle not only supports tomatoes but is used as a multiple vegetable support, plant support, and anything that vines.

We are located in Barnesville, MN and service Fargo-Moorhead (FM), the Minnesota cities of Barnesville, Moorhead, Fergus Falls, Detroit Lakes, Pelican Rapids, Dilworth, Glyndon, Hawley, the North Dakota city of Fargo, and surrounding areas as well as Cass, Clay, Becker, and Ottertail counties.

  - 2 Foot Cradles: $10.00
  - 3 Foot Cradles:$15.00
  - 4 Foot Cradles: $17.00

Please call or e-mail for shipping costs. Prices will vary with amount ordered. Thank you.


    Tomato Cradles, Vegetable Supports, Vine Plant Supports, Fargo-Moorhead, MN, ND



Tomato Cradles are Very Easy to Use!

Step 1: Unfold cradle.

Step 2: Carefully place cradle over the center of the plant with small opening down. (Note: Cradle should be installed within a week of planting. This will make it much easier to set over plant with less chance of damaging the vines.)

Step 3: Water and fertilize like normal and let it grow. Gently lift your new vines over the lathes for about a month. It will help keep the new growth off the ground. No need to stake or tie down! The plant will hold the cradle down while the cradle supports the vines and tomatoes!

Step 4: When garden is done for the year just rinse off with a garden hose, let dry, and store away until next year.





Tomato Cradles, Vegetable Supports, Vine Plant Supports, Fargo-Moorhead, MN, ND Vine Support Cradle
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We are now selling 3 sizes-2foot,3 foot & 4 foot.The 3 foot cradle was new in 2017 & has gone over very well! It is a little easier to maintain & still holds up very well.

Please feel free to call or e-mail anytime with any questions you may have.Thank you for your business!